Atkins Diet and Its Role in Treating Gout

Diets come and go but there are those that stay because of their effectiveness and how they are able to deliver results in a jiffy. One of them is the very famous Atkins Diet. Just when you thought that it can help you lose weight significantly, you will be surprised to find out that it is also an effective treatment for gout.

There are always two sides to a coin. Similarly, Atkins diet also has its own share of advantages and disadvantages. One of its many benefits is its role in treating gout. In fact, word has spread all over the internet how this diet plan has been very successful in its effort to treat gout effectively.

In a nutshell, gout is best treated when levels of uric acid in the body are controlled or reduces. That is where Atkins diet comes in very handy.
Accordingly, it is one diet plan that claims of lowering one’s uric acid levels. Well, that leads proponents of other similar diet plans into believing that any other diet can be effective in treating gout because most of them, if not all, involve eating meals that responsibly lower uric acid levels. However, because of the absence of studies that compare each one diet plan from the others, an accurate finding regarding accuracy of Atkins diet is not supported. At any rate, you can look them up in the internet where you will be prompted to hundreds of results regarding gout and Akins diet. Sources can vary from a handful of carefully researched information to testimonies of people who have tried them out.

On the contrary, what makes Atkins diet preferred by gout sufferers is how they are not limited from eating that they want. As such, one can munch on stuffs he likes eating the most without limits on the caloric contents. Unlike with most diet plans that have many restrictions, more people are becoming comfortable with the Atkins diet. As a result, only a few cases of Atkins dieters have failed in their efforts of losing weight. Besides, with Atkins diet, you will never miss anything from eating tacos to steaks, pasta and a lot more.

According to Dr. Atkins when asked about his special diet program and how it can effectively deal with the metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance, he was very confident in saying that it does play a very significant role. Thus, to an Atkins dieter, you get the best of both worlds. First, production of uric acid in the body is significantly reduced because of your weight loss efforts. Secondly, it improves your excretion too. Thus, whenever the major cause of your gout is metabolic syndrome, Atkins diet is definitely a welcome treatment option.

Although he is no longer around to prove his words, Dr. Atkins left books for everybody who wants to get rid of their gout and also lose weight at the same time. Getting a copy will lead you to many revelations.

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