The Highest Calorie Burner

The study first revealed that kissing was a surprising calorie burner, coming in at up to 238 calories an hour. Now mind you, this isn’t just a peck on the cheek. A 200+ calorie burning kiss means some serious making out. But where’s the harm in that? So next time you’re honey throws his arms around you and makes for the smoochie, do it! And keep those Margarita yoga pants on. The longer you keep kissing, the more calories you’ll burn, so extend the foreplay.

A sexologist in the study said to be sure to include some heavy petting and breathing, this will add yet another level of intensity to your workout and allow you to burn close to 100 more calories in an hour. Another sexy calorie burner is the massage. No, not getting one – GIVING one. If you give your partner a long, intense massage, you working your muscles and improving your endurance. Add another layer to your workout by getting a massage table. Standing up for the massage will help you burn more calories and improve your posture.

Having sex came in as the highest calorie burner. After you’ve had that 238 calorie burner of a makeout session, get out of those margarita yoga pants and do the deed to stave off another 288 calories an hour! If you feel real frisky, add in sighing or moaning, and you could burn another 60. The study’s sexologist recommends using alternate positions and being sure to move your hips a lot. This allows you to work more muscles and give yourself a more full body workout. Squatting, thrusting and bouncing will all add to your caloric burn.

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